We breed primarily Saanens but have a couple Alpines and Boer goats as well.

We are located in Bath, MI, a small community on the out-skirts of Lansing. We have easy access to highway I-69.

We register our Boers through the American Boer Goat Association (ABGA) and/or USBGA, and our dairy through the ADGA. We disbud the percentage Boers, but leave the horns on the fullbloods. We dam raise our Boer babies and bottle feed the dairy.

A whole herd testing was done in 2004 for TB and CL. All came back negative. I fully intended to continue the testing on a regular basis, but it proved to be quite the expense. We did the dairy goats for CAE in October, 2007, and all came back negative. We have no known CAE, CL, Johnnes, sore mouth, or any other diseases on the farm. We have a closed herd, and fully intend to do all we can to keep it clean.

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