Neither of us grew up on a farm, although I always loved visiting my uncle’s farm in Minnesota, and Jim wanted to be a blueberry farmer when he grew up. Little did he know that instead he would be raising goats and asundry farm animals! We choose our name, Dempsey Zoo, because when people asked if we have a farm, we found ourselves saying, “Not really. It is more like a petting zoo.” We bought a couple acres in Bath, MI–a suburb of Lansing. We started with our oldest son in 4-H with Dog Obedience. The next year we added poultry. A co-worker of Jim’s needed to get rid of some Pygmy goats, and of course Jim was the first one he asked. We have found that if you like animals and have a little bit of land, people just assume you’ll want their extra animals.

It didn’t take long for us to be totally in love with the goats. They were so friendly, and the babies are ADORABLE. They really do leap and jump around just for fun! After two years of fighting with the Pygmy’s at the 4-H Fair, we decided to change to a breed that wasn’t so bull-headed!

After doing some research and talking around, we decided to try our hand at Boer Goats. They are typically gentle and well mannered–even the bucks are generally well tempered–and you can bred them through out the year for lots of those adorable babies. We just started in August of 2003, and have learned a lot already. We have yet to meet a goat breeder that we didn’t like. We have found them all to be willing to share their knowledge and insight on any issue we have asked about.